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Calvary United Methodist Church History Collection

This digital collection is a sample of items from the physical collection of the Calvary United Methodist Church History Collection. It presents several items of this Colorado Springs church's history from 1924 to 1977. This collection was digitized by Baylee Suskin whose work has been graciously funded by the Mountain Sky Archives and History Commission.


Fiftieth Anniversary Program
Program for the 50th Anniversary service on March 30, 1952
Fortieth Anniversary Celebration Services Program
Program for the 40th Anniversary services for the week of March 15-22, 1942
Fortieth Anniversary History of Calvary Church
History of the Calvary Church compiled by Mrs. C. F. Wenger of the church from 1902-1942 including a list of ministers and years served.
History of Calvary Evangelical Church
History of the Calvary Church up to 1927 written by Church Historian and Sectretary Rev. E. S. Evans
Letter to Edward Ness
Letter to Edward Ness about the new parsonage and an invitation for him to come see it and come to the dedication services
Letter to Rev. E. S. Evans
Letter about the founding of the church in 1899 by Rev. Steinmetz
Letter to Rev. T. A. Marks
Letter to Rev. T. A. Marks listing 5 documents in this collection relevant to the church history
Note Burning Service Souvenir Program
Historical Resume and Service Program from the dedication service on November 28, 1943
Parsonage Dedication
Program for the parsonage dedication service on Sunday, February 15, 1959
Poem to Ladies and Friends
Poem addressed to the Ladies and Friends about the happenings at the church in 1930 "or thereabouts"


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